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Fee Rules

1. Parents, of a ward on getting admission, must deposit Admission Fee, in a ddition to the monthly fee.

2. Admission fee is charged only once, at the time of admission in the school. Admission Fee is non refundable.

3. School fee is charged on a monthly basis except for the months of May/June and February/March.

4. Monthly Fee must be paid strictly before the 15th day of each month.

5. Fine of Late Payment of Fee will be as per the following schedule: i) Rs. 5/ per day for payment received after due date till end of month. ii) After one month 100/- iii) After two months 300/- iv) Three months and above 500/-

6. Part payment of Fees is not acceptable.

7. No student will be allowed to appear in the Examination until all Dues/Fees has been cleared.

8. No concession or reduction of fees will be claimed by the parents as a right .

9. In no circumstances will fees be remitted for absence of ward from school for any reason what so ever.

10. School as well as Transport Fees will be charged for twelve months.

11. Rs. 50/- will be charged for issue of new Fee Book. N.B. The management expects parents/ guardians to strictly follow the Fee Rules of the school to avoid inconvenience.